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3.6.3. Component/platform: automation (template trigger) Description of problem: Documentation for template triggers [1] says: "If your template trigger has no entity_id listed, then it is evaluted on every state change for every entity." but adding a entity_id to a template trigger returns the error: "Invalid config for [automation]: [entity.

To tell Home Assistant the lamp is using energy at the rate of 10W when it is on and 0W when it is off, we'll use HA's templating platform to create a new sensor entity called sensor.desk_lamp_power. Step 2: A second entity needs to be created to accrue the Watts used over time. Been doing some tinkering with the new energy dashboard, and have successfully integrated my lights that I have in home assistant. I do this by creating a template sensor that updates to the power (Watts) of the lights when the lights are turned on. I estimate this by using the Watt rating of each bulb (10 in the example below) multiplied by. Hi there, I have a smart plug coming, im planning to connect it to zigbee2mqtt. I want to create a template which shows the used energy consumed in Euros. Reading a lot of topicsI should be able to get it done, but I'm not sure of a couple things. -1ste I make a integration called utility_meter, on the entity of the smart plug, but which one? In the documentation I see two options. Power.

Today we’re gonna learn how to do some cool tricks in order to get most of this information such as : Notifying Low battery sensors. Grouping multiple battery sensors for the.

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ESP8266 MQTT PIR Sensor. Compatible with Home Assistant's MQTT sensor and binary_sensor. Hardware Example. Software Setup. Using Atom or VS Code, install Platform IO. Once setup, install the esp8266 embedded platform. Rename src/setup-template.h to src/setup.h and add your network, MQTT and lighting setup information.. All fine. 1=motion. Jul 18, 2017 · To get around this, the template switch component allows parts of another item in home assistant to be extracted and turned into a sensor of its own. Here is an example using the HS110 to show the current power usage of server racks: sensor: - platform: template sensors: server_rack_power: entity_id: switch.server_racks value_template ....

So let’s see how I’ve configured a template sensor in home assistant that adds two power sensors. In the next yaml code you can see the sensors. And for the custom sensor that.

Sep 05, 2021 · You don’t need to wrap the snmp sensor in a template sensor. As of home assistant 2021.09, the snmp platform does not allow you to set device_class: energy… however, you can set the device_class attribute on the snmp sensor through customize.yaml: Make sure your configuration file loads the customization file:.

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